Updating xbox hard drive

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Both the XBO and PS4 require you to install games onto your hard drive before playing them, and the space requirements are hefty.Taking a look at a list of game install sizes, we can see that Remember that even though the Xbox One comes with a 500 GB hard drive installed (though you can get a one terabyte model nowadays), you’ll only have about 360 GB of that space to use for yourself.Rest assured your warranty is gone once you open your console. You will also need a flash drive with Parted Magic installed and bootable and of course, an Xbox One.I should mention here that I do not know if the Xbox One S will work with this guide, I have done this method with 10 original Xbox One consoles so I do know it works.But what about the game files saved in the old drive?

Here in this article, you’ll find an effective method to upgrade Xbox One to a bigger drive without losing any game files in 3 simple steps. Your Xbox One drive is becoming full with more and more game files are downloaded and installed? How about to upgrade Xbox One drive to a bigger one?You can also give your device a custom name if you want.Once you attach an external hard drive to your Xbox One, it will become the default storage device for all new content you download.Microsoft's June update for Xbox One is out now, introducing new features like external storage support and Games With Gold, as well as the ability to use your real name on Xbox Live.To help get you up to speed with the update, Microsoft has published a walkthrough video explaining what's new to the Xbox One with the update and how the new features work in real time.

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We can now remove it from the caddy by removing the bottom row of screws.

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