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X dating

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SM: *trying to retain composure, afraid to stutter* We’ll look into it, Your Honor. Kris and Luhan’s side: Your Honor, I would like to request another plea date to submit more evidence corroborating our claims. The final plea date will take place on Friday, April 8th, at a.m. evidence relating to what they call “unfair profit distribution.” They plan to cite details from the contract about the differing proportionate figures the members received and they think it will help them win the case ! The plea date is set for April 8th, and that is the same day as EXO’s anniversary –CEO Youngmin: You know the rule. When the press asks for confirmation or denial, confirm immediately. Concerned Employee: Your Excellence, what about debuting the boy group? What about dissatisfaction and backlash from EXO L?

We cannot wait for SM to dilly dally and submit their written essay by 5pm who-knows-how-many-weeks from now. Proactive measures are typically taken a week in advance. Or other supporters of other groups who support EXO too ?

We assure the court that this hearing will be well worth the investment in time. CEO Youngmin: That is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

ave you ever dated someone born in a different generation than your own? Check out each of them below, started with the youngest group of daters in their early to mid-20s...

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