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Gk reid indrani dating

Flip through the 224-page tome, and it's clear that the publication is aptly named, as it boasts highly recognizable images of major stars.

Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply."We had this great studio booked in London, but we decided to do the entire shoot in the tiny parking lot behind it," says Indrani, who functions both as creative director and postproduction specialist."I wanted a look that was a little gritty and raw, and I found some amazing surfaces there, like gates with a wonderful sheen and a wooden fence we were able to light from behind to make the cracks glow." Though the location gave the duo the atmosphere they were looking for, it presented particular challenges - mainly drivers hoping to use the parking lot for its intended purpose.The film was an homage to Alexander Mc Queen—she's wearing an original [dress] that he created for her—and we shot it where Mc Queen had his first show in New York," Indrani tells On shooting the Beyoncé image provided to ELLE.com:"We've worked with her many different times [since] 2000.

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Read on for an interview, in which the pair divulges their experiences shooting these pop-culture milestones, why Icons is the first truly "accessible" art book, and their dream shoot.

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