Dehyrdating vegetables

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If you put an oxygen absorber into the pouch the food will keep for years.I have a friend who has filled five gallon buckets with bags of frozen food he has dehydrated in this manner.So, when fresh garden tomatoes are overflowing your counter-tops in September, you can load them into your dehydrator and dry them to use through the winter.

Although dried fruits are ever-popular, you can also dry vegetables and herbs.Excludes Breville, Bio-Kult, Champion, Chico Bag, Chi’s Enterprise, Cuddle Ewe, Designs for Health, Dr.Mercola, Heel, Naturpedic, Oatmega Bars, Omega Juicers, Organic India Tea, Pure Encapsulations, So Tru, Thorne Research, Vitamix, Wholistic Pet, and gift cards.Two cups of fresh produce might fit into the palm of your hand once it’s been dried.That means that each bite delivers a concentrated dose of nutrients–but nutrients aren’t the only thing that gets concentrated; dried fruit also contains a concentrated amount of sugar.

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Yesterday my wife and I decided to dehydrate a few vegetables.

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