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Attackers know business and home users are often slow to update, and they can wreak some havoc in the time before people patch.Just selecting “manually install updates” and installing updates when you remember to do so isn’t really good enough.Hello everyone, First of all, I want to state I really don't know too much about computers.I know a little but I really don't know all the names/fuctions/etc.Quick links for Microsoft Windows updates:- Configuring automatic updates Manually checking for updates Drivers and other updates Applying the latest Microsoft Windows updates and keeping your Windows PC up to date is always a good idea and is especially important if you use the Internet.

:p Anyway, last night my computer automatically restarted itself in order for my latest set of Windows updates to take affect.There are some disadvantages to automatic updating however and some computer experts even go as far as suggesting that automatic updates should be turned off. There are a number of advantages to turning off automatic updates, such as:- The Windows Genuine Advantage ‘update’ shown in action here collects information from your PC in an attempt to combat piracy.Some users are angry at such intrusive efforts to thwart piracy and have therefore disabled automatic updates.It looped like this all night long and then again was doing it this morning when I left for work.Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Opearating System: Windows Vista Also, I don't really know how to do a System Restore and am concerned I will loose all my files.

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After doing this for several minutes it tells me that it must restart and to click "Finish" to restart.

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