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It wasn’t until the other night when I was sitting in front of the TV, tapping furiously away on my phone that I realized I’m already obsessed with an app — it just has nothing to do with dating.

I’ve been swept up in the addictive phenomenon that is Varage Sale and other apps that allow you to buy and sell used goods within your community.

Economics correspondent Paul Solman and Making Sen$e producer Lee Koromvokis spoke with labor economist Paul Oyer, author of the book “Everything I Ever Needed to Know about Economics I Learned from Online Dating.” Photo by Mike Blake/Reuters/Illustration Editor’s Note: With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we decided to revisit a piece Making Sen$e did on the world of online dating. Making Sen$e airs every Thursday on the PBS News Hour.

Last year, economics correspondent Paul Solman and producer Lee Koromvokis spoke with labor economist Paul Oyer, author of the book “Everything I Ever Needed to Know about Economics I Learned from Online Dating.” It turns out, the dating pool isn’t that different from any other market, and a number of economic principles can readily be applied to online dating. — Kristen Doerer, Making Sen$e Paul Oyer: So I found myself back in the dating market in the fall of 2010, and since I’d last been on the market, I’d become an economist, and online dating had arisen.

The chances of meeting someone amazing with thousands to choose from online is far greater than frequenting your local watering hole, in hopes that in between rounds of overpriced cocktails, someone fantastic will walk in and take a seat next to you.

While many people meet possible mates through friends or acquaintances, as you get older, the dating pool gets smaller, as more people get engaged and married.

Is it possible that some of us, myself included, have been striking out in the romance department because we’ve traded the thrill of romance for the thrill of a good bargain? Whether you’re looking for a date for your cousin’s wedding or a used pup tent so you can peacefully sleep off the hangover from said wedding, you’re going to need to converse with strangers to get what you want. A few nights ago, I was out for drinks with some girlfriends. ” my friend teased when she noticed I was glued to my phone.With online dating, there's little question as to whether someone is available."I was sick of going out every weekend, spending money on drinks, as I made small talk with men who bored or offended me," says Emily Parker*, an editor in New York City.Well, from an economist’s perspective, I was ignoring what we call “statistical discrimination.” And so, people see that you’re separated, and they assume a lot more than just that.I just thought, “I’m separated, I’m happy, I’m ready to look for a new relationship,” but a lot of people assume if you’re separated, you’re either not really — that you may go back to your former spouse — or that you’re an emotional wreck, that you’re just getting over the breakup of your marriage and so forth.

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We lived in Princeton at the same time, but we’d never met each other. As I honestly needed to, I put on my profile that I was separated, because my divorce wasn’t final yet.

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