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Enjoy the many delicious options you can pick for your KFC Go Cup.

What you order could make for an online dating profile.

I’m wondering if this is why guys will view me a lot, but won’t make contact.

The guys who have made contact have been people that I probably would not have dated normally, i.e., no steady job or just a little odd.

Make sure the tape measure is horizontal and fairly snug. If this measurement is an odd number, then you should try out bras in both the size below your measurement and the size above.

The Chihuahua's history is convoluted and there are many theories surrounding the origin of the breed.

For example, Lisbeth has emotions such as “tsundere.” Silica has more emotions along the lines of kind, energetic, and shy.

Depending on how things go through conversations or battle, each character will have their own emotion statuses as displayed in the above image. The more you increase the emotions of a character, the more their stats increase as well.But Quinn's really an undercover cop hunting down a serial killer, and he sees Lucy as one of his top suspects.And while he could really go for this smart, sexy woman with the killer bod—if that's the only thing "killer" about her—he knows he needs to wine and dine her and discover the truth. Bad cars, bad jobs, even bad teeth, nothing convinces them that they can't snare a Size Two Babe with a D cup chest.And after way too many internet dates with men named "luvstick" and "Bigdaddy182", Lucy Rothschild should know.

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