Taurus man dating gemini woman

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Taurus man dating gemini woman

A Mars-Sun conjunction alone brings lots of drive and energy to one’s self-expression.

However, this conjunction is opposed by a Jupiter-Uranus-Moon conjunction in Sagittarius.

I feel like there is something I should be doing to bridge this gap and make things flow easier.

I have toned down my sexuality but the less frequent sex is creating alot of extra nervous energy. You have sexual Scorpio Rising, with its traditional ruler, Mars, conjunct your Gemini Sun.

He gets attracted to her intelligence and vivacious nature.

Thus, making the relationship work would require utmost efforts from both the sides.You like going out, Taurus feels comfortable at home... You are flexibility itself, while Taurus is legendary for his/her stubbornness, you manage to do more things at the same time (and it's a wonder that you do all of them well), while Taurus hardly decides to start one and (s)he begins with the details.You like variety, new things, changes, while Taurus prefers habits, staying at home in front of the TV and, besides that, (s)he is extremely slow: (s)he decides slowly, (s)he takes action slowly. But, be careful: the earth hardly ever moves, but when it does, we all know it results in an earthquake.(Match your horoscopes to know if this is possible).He can’t be bothered to stay in one place or with one person for very long.

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But when they are together, they will have a blast!